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The Opportunity: 

Bring Diverse Perspectives to our Portfolio Companies and Investment Partners

In addition to our deep investing experience cultivated at top investment firms, we bring the value of diversity to traditional GP and LP investor partners and portfolio companies.  We leverage our women and diverse centric Advisory Network to bring that lens to our companies and partners. 


Companies are increasingly focused on diversity in their capital stack for the perspective it brings. While not solely focused on diverse led firms, we are uniquely positioned to capture that opportunity set. We have created a rigorous investment process tested through cycles with the culture of embracing diverse points of views and experiences that is rare in investment firms today.


Our ability to attract best in class diverse investment talent is a true differentiator, shaping the nextgen of diverse and female investment talent.

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(2) American Express State of Women Owned business Report

(2) Mckinsey, Delivering through Diversity               


Shifting the Gender Paradigm In Investing

We came together with the shared vision of building an innovative women-led investment firm that leverages the value of diversity in improving decision-making.

Even more importantly, women play an increasingly integral role in the economy

Women-led companies now represent 42% of all businesses, growing at twice the national average.  Additionally, Women as consumers are expected to control $30 trillion of assets in the next 10 years.

The business case for the importance of diversity at the executive level is beyond compelling. Data shows diverse teams and companies outperform (companies in the top quartile of gender diversity on executive teams were 25% more likely to experience above-average profitability over their non-diverse counterparts, while ethnically diverse executive teams were 36% more likely to outperform).

Yet, where is the diversity today?

Less than 2% of institutional AUM is managed by women and minorities. The Investment industry lacks women and diverse leaders to bring more diversity in thought to the investment process, negatively impacting retention and thus perpetuating the status quo.

The Business Case – Outcomes can be better with diverse teams

In 2022, Amateras partnered with AEA Investors to benefit from AEA’s scaled middle market operations platform and infrastructure, including the critical support functions such as finance, accounting, legal, compliance, human resources, data analytics and investor relations.  


Furthermore, underpinned by a shared belief in the value of a high caliber executive network, this strategic alliance provides AEA the opportunity to further leverage and support the power of female investment and operating talent, while expanding into the attractive capital solutions market to generate strong returns with a differentiated pool of capital.

Partnership: Amateras & AEA Investors

Leverage Scaled Infrastructure to Support Investment Opportunity

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