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Redefining Private Markets


Empower women as investors by utilizing their expertise and leveraging their diverse perspectives to drive value creation.

Amateras AEA’s Project Sunflower is an innovative network of high caliber female executives that bring industry expertise as well as female perspectives to our investment process, portfolio companies, and private equity partners.

A select group of diverse executives with extensive leadership and operational experience. 

A network involved in transactions to bring their voice to the table, create diversity of thought and, ultimately, better decisions.

An ecosystem that Amateras AEA leverages to generate unique deal flow, complete due diligence, and assist with portfolio monitoring via board and advisory involvement.

The women in the Network have extensive experience and diverse backgrounds across numerous industries, including executive positions in technology, consumer products, operations, healthcare management consulting, industrials, and more.


We add industry expertise and diverse perspectives to the investment and value-creation process in our portfolio companies providing capital solutions including debt, preferred and co-investment partnerships with other private equity firms.  

We understand the challenges private equity firms and companies face in recruiting and retaining senior female investment professionals. We know how important diversity of thought, the female point of view, and unique industry expertise is in creating a holistic decision-making process. 

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